"The artist...is also a born adventurer. His explorations, unlike those of a tourist, are rewarded by the discovery of beauty spots unmentioned in the guide books, and with tireless curiosity and an exceptional proneness to wonderment, he will come upon objects of remarkable interest overlooked or even shunned by more disciplined observers."

Augustus John, R.A.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

New Print

Started this print last week but for one reason and another progress has been interrupted. Another few days of concentrated work should see it finished in time for the Printmakers Art Fair at Chester on 6th June.

 Colour 1.
A blended roll top to bottom from cream through cool grey and back to cream.

 Colour 2.
A second blend top to bottom from blue grey to a warm mauve grey.

 Colour 3.
A third blended roll, top to bottom from blue through light blue to pale green. This finishes off the sky area.

 Colour 4.
A light blue printed across the bottom of the print. This finishes the patch of sea in front of the castle and gives the highlights on the sheeting covering the boat.

Colour 5.
Another blend across the bottom of the print, from mauve grey through bright green to a darker green.
By now the location should have become apparent.

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