"The artist...is also a born adventurer. His explorations, unlike those of a tourist, are rewarded by the discovery of beauty spots unmentioned in the guide books, and with tireless curiosity and an exceptional proneness to wonderment, he will come upon objects of remarkable interest overlooked or even shunned by more disciplined observers."

Augustus John, R.A.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Loch of the Lowes - Selkirkshire

Loch of the Lowes - Selkirkshire
11 colour reduction linocut. 180mm x 270mm. Edition of 5 prints.

Finally finished the print, which looks like being the last one of the year. I have one I'm just drawing onto a lino block, but I'll not get that one finished before the year end.

This shows Loch of the Lowes in Selkirkshire. The viewpoint is near its out-flow into St Marys Loch, looking back up the lake towards the Dumfriess and Galloway hills.

With thanks to Sherrie York and Keith Tilley, both of whom suggested the subject would make a good print when I posted the original field drawing over a year ago.


Keith Tilley said...

I think it turned out very well. It really conveys the feeling of the loch, set among those rolling Borders hills.

I particularly like the trees with their white trunks, which push the background back and create a good sense of distance.

I hope you have a good Christmas Stuart.

Sherrie Y said...

I left town for a couple of days and almost missed the big finish!

It's a lovely piece, Stuart... I, too, am particularly drawn to the grace of the foreground trees and what they have to say about the length of the vista. A fine conclusion to the year.

A glass raised to you... with wishes for more great prints in the new year...

Stuart Brocklehurst said...

Hi to you both and Merry Christmas.

I agonised for ages over those birch trunks. I couldn't make up my mind how to deal with them. My initial plan was to leave them white. Then I decided that might make them look too stark. In the end I cut them out just before I printed the first colour. Glad I did now. Have a good Christmas and best wishes for the New Year Keith.

I am pleased its worked out well, it would have been a bit of a downer if I'd finished the year on a print that hadn't gone too well. I've got plans for the next one but that can wait for the new year now.
Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year Sherrie.

Katka said...

Stuart, your landscape prints always make me wish I was sitting hidden right inside them somewhere instead of here, in rainy Vancouver.

I echo the others, a lovely print to finish the year with.

I'm too late for Christmas wishes but all the best into the new year to you and yours...

Stuart Brocklehurst said...

Hi Katka

Happy New Year to you.

I think maybe my prints are giving the wrong impression. It rains here as well, a lot!! One day I'll do a rainy print.