"The artist...is also a born adventurer. His explorations, unlike those of a tourist, are rewarded by the discovery of beauty spots unmentioned in the guide books, and with tireless curiosity and an exceptional proneness to wonderment, he will come upon objects of remarkable interest overlooked or even shunned by more disciplined observers."

Augustus John, R.A.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Following the Muse

Peregrine Falcon. Pen and Ink Scraperboard. 105mm x 145mm

Dipper. Pen and Ink Scraperboard. 63mm x 82mm.

Stoat. Pen and Ink Scraperboard. 95mm x 85mm

Hare. Pen and Ink Scraperboard. 150mm x 110mm.

While I am happy to follow my muse wherever she goes in terms of subject matter and medium. Looking back at my recent posts there is not a lot of wildlife content among them. So having got these drawings out to mount up and frame, I thought I would post them to go some way to restoring the wildlife balance.
The drawings were originally done for a variety of projects; the Dipper is the oldest having been done around ten years ago as my entry to a British Birds Bird Illustrator of the Year competition, the others are all more recent. The Peregrine and Stoat I did for a proposed book of my own on wildlife in the Yorkshire Dales which never got any further than the planning stage in my head.


Emma Anderson said...

These are very beautiful drawings. It's a great pity you could not take forward your book project.

I was in Hexham last week and there was a display in a gallery of M J Forster pictures. They reminded me of your lighthouse picture. You will probably know of the artist but if not, here is a link to his site:

Keith Tilley said...

These are superb drawings Stuart. I think they would look good in a book alongside your linocuts, so I hope you do get around to it one day. I think they would also be very good as sets of notelets.

Stuart Brocklehurst said...

Thanks for your comments. I looked at that site Emma. I liked the south downs painting a lot.

Stewart said...

Lovely scrapes Stuart, very like Tunnicliffe....

AMIT said...

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