"The artist...is also a born adventurer. His explorations, unlike those of a tourist, are rewarded by the discovery of beauty spots unmentioned in the guide books, and with tireless curiosity and an exceptional proneness to wonderment, he will come upon objects of remarkable interest overlooked or even shunned by more disciplined observers."

Augustus John, R.A.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Starting a new set of Illustrations

Waxwings. Pencil and Ink Wash. 130mm x 90mm.

The first of this years illustrations for the Huddersfield Bird Club report. This will be the 21st report I have illustrated.

The drawing is based on a set of sketches that I did a couple of years ago of a small flock that frequented local gardens. This could be a good year for Waxwings as there are already reports of birds in the Halifax area, although I haven't heard of any in the Huddersfield recording area yet.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Malham Cove - Revisited

Malham Cove. Single colour Linocut. 120mm x 178mm.

Whilst mulling over the demise of the Kingfisher print and plotting my next move towards its resurrection (or not). I carved this small print based on my larger Sunlight and Shadows at Malham Cove print.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Doncaster Open Art Exhibition 2010

I have had three Linocut Prints accepted for the Open Art Exhibition at Doncaster Art Gallery. The prints accepted are; Sunlight and Shadows-Malham Cove, The Keep at Conisborough Castle and SH218 on the coble landing-Filey.

The exhibition runs from 23rd October until 4th December 2010.Further details can be found at www.doncaster.gov.uk/museums

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Messed Up !!!

Really messed up with this one, I wasn't going to post this stage of the print, hoping that it would quietly fade away. However, in the spirit of total transparency lets show the failures as well as the successes.

There are two further colours printed on this, a dark blue which is the cause of all the trouble as I printed it far too dark. And a dark green which is the tone I wanted, but isn't sufficently different from the dark blue. This wouldn't be too much of a problem if I was using different blocks for each colour, but this is a reduction print so bridges have been burnt.

Back to the drawing board!